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Children of infinity is a non-denominational, non-profit  organization dedicated to raising the planetary consciousness. We offer free resources to align humanity with purpose, joy, love, and service.

The journey to higher consciousness begins with adopting a better worldview. The core problems that afflict our planet – fear, disharmony, confusion, and greed – are manifestation of problematic worldviews.


In less than a year, I have moved from debilitating illness and chronic anxiety to health and joy using these teachings. Can't recommend them enough!
Gail F
Energy healer, Scotland
During this past year in which we've all evolved so richly together, I've truly come to know my own life's purpose--the core reason why my soul chose to reincarnate here and now, in this particular life and form. There could be no greater treasure or gift.
Bob S
Writer and artist, Missouri
Your wisdom has helped me to expand my vision and the way I see the Universe. I used to be always confused and upset, even angry. Now, I am more in touch with my soul and feel the unity with everything and everyone. Thank you!
Heidi Y
Eye care advisor, California
Your effort has affirmed my lifelong interest in Scientific Spirituality. It has given me a safe community in which to explore my soul's purpose and my life's mission. I am forever indebted to Dr. Narayan for creating the opportunity for spiritually like-minded individuals to meet and help each other.
Christine M
Teacher, California