What creates a Community?

Three qualities differentiate a community from a group:

  1. Mutual concern: Members of a true community care about each other. In contrast, members of a group share a common interest but not necessarily concern for each other.
  2. Shared values: These define the identity and the ideological boundary of a community. People who do not share these values do not fit in the community.
  3. Structure of progression: A community provides a clear path of growth through roles. At a bare minimum, the three community roles include Visitor, Member, and Leader. Through the progression, people express higher internal growth and correspondingly, higher responsibilities. 
    • A visitor may attend events but has no emotional investment in the community. 
    • A member is part of the community and has some investment. 
    • A leader provides value to the community through knowledge and service. 

This progression is sometimes described using ‘Inner rings’. The growth is represented by going from outer rings (which represent minimal involvement) to inner rings.


The core purpose of our community is spiritual growth. We view spirituality in a broader context as a way to manifest Source Energy through a physical incarnation. This manifestation includes well-being and joy.


Our community values are:

  1. Oneness: We see ourselves and others as a manifestation of the Source Energy. As part of honoring the Source, we treat ourselves and others with honor and respect.
  2. Growth: Every day, we grow and expand, both as individuals and as a community. This growth includes growing in our wisdom and understanding (Jnana Yoga), and the way we contribute to the creation (Karma Yoga). Growth requires intentionally working on our gifts to make them better.
  3. Service: We use our gifts to contribute to the creation. Service is not a sacrifice but an outpouring of inner joy.

Member roles

Here are the member roles within the Children of Infinity community:

  1. Visitors: People who come across our teachings through events or videos.
  2. Practitioners: People who take a well-defined journey of spiritual growth through recommended material and a support group. We have a program called ‘A year of conscious living’ that combines these principles. We are currently taking applications for visitors to become members through this program. More information is available here: https://childrenofinfinity.org/yocl/
  3. Volunteers: People who contribute their time and energy to serve the community. 
  4. Support group facilitators: People who lead the support groups for ‘A year of conscious living’. This is a leadership position. In exchange for their services, facilitators have a monthly mastermind meeting with other facilitators and community leaders. This role provides higher growth and a way to contribute back to the community.
  5. Ambassadors: People who are responsible for coordinating with facilitators, or hosting events in a geographic area.
  6. Teachers: People who teach at our community events. To be a teacher, one needs more than mere knowledge. One should have demonstrated commitment to the community through outstanding service.