A Year of Conscious Living

Children of infinity offers a year-long program to accelerate your spiritual growth. It combines self-study, guidance, community support, and accountability in an efficient format to maximize your inner growth.

Program structure

  • At the core of the program are a few transformative books that you will read and discuss with your support group.
  • For each book, you will receive guidance and support material that will help you integrate the book’s message.
  • You will meet at least once a month with a support group. These are your peers on the journey of higher standing. The support group will also act as your accountability group.
  • In addition, you will have frequent interactions with the larger group where you can discuss how your learning these principles and how to apply them.


You should be willing to purchase the books, devote a few hours each week to read the book, and attend the group meetings.

Suggested donation

The program is offered free to all seekers. The suggested donation is your hourly earning contributed each month. So if you earn $20 an hour on average, the suggested donation is $240.

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