From scarcity to abundance mindset: Practices

A key limitation that hampers our growth on the human journey is the mindset of scarcity. The mindset arises from a core belief in lack. Here are some symptoms of a scarcity mindset:

1. Low expectations: One does not expect more from life and becomes resigned to an existence confined by fear and lack.
2. Lack of investment: One sees resources as limited and chooses to hoard them rather than invest them in growth opportunities.
3. Lack of sharing: One sees life as a zero-sum game leading to competition and the need to win over others. The thought of sharing resources with others does not even arise.

The abundance mindset believes that the universe will provide whatever is needed to make the most of your incarnation. It allows us to go beyond worrying about how we will be taken care of and instead, focus on joy, growth, and sharing.

This is a free workshop.

SUN August 8

1:00 pm EST

Relationships: How to move from ego to love

The spiritual journey is the journey of love. As we evolve, our understanding of love grows and we are able to manifest the higher qualities of unconditional and universal love.

The simplest opportunity we have to practice love is through relationships. Unfortunately, under the influence of ego this opportunity becomes a power struggle to impose our will on others. The small voice of ego demands more from others, while holding back giving of itself. This is a vicious loop, which results into drama, conflict, and withholding of love.

Join us to gain insights into how to move from ego to higher consciousness. The workshop will be followed by Q&A.

This is a free workshop.


1:00 pm EST

Choosing Growth over Comfort

The most challenging aspect of physical reality is the risk we associate with choices that are needed for our own growth. By listening to our fears or being held up by inertia, we choose a life that falls short of expressing our full potential.

Join Dr. K Narayan to understand the opportunities for our growth, and strategies to make sure that we stay focused on growth.The webinar will be followed by discussion and Q and A session.

This is a free workshop.


1:00 pm EST

Essentialism as a core spiritual practice

Modern life has become a never-ending pursuit of socially defined needs – success, achievement, and doing more and more. This pursuit keeps us constantly on the run but does not make us happy, as shown by countless studies.

Essentialism is the philosophy of focusing on what is essential and consciously eliminating the non-essential. This approach allows us to regain our resources to invest in creating value for us as well as others.

Essentialism is a core spiritual practice that is needed to pursue what is really important to us as human beings – love, joy, growth, and service. In this workshop we will discuss the principles and practices of essentialism.

Join us to explore this radical way of thinking. The workshop will be followed by Q&A.

This is a free workshop.

Sun JUL 11

1:00 pm EST