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What is the essence of your teachings?

You are the Source Energy experiencing itself as a human being. 

This knowledge leads to two simple practices:

Honor yourself

you do so by making choices that align with higher consciousness of purpose, love, and joy rather than those with lower consciousness of ego, fear, guilt, greed etc.

Honor all of creation – everything in creation is an expression of the same Source Energy. You honor other beings through love, compassion, service, and by creating experiences of shared joy. Honoring others requires letting go of the need to control, manipulate, and dominate them.

Can you elaborate on each one of us being Source Energy?

There is only one energy that manifests itself as consciousness, matter, dimensions, and other structures of existence. This is similar to how electricity can manifest as motion in a fan, as sound in a speaker, and as light in a lamp. You are an individuated portion of that energy, similar to how a drop in an ocean is a portion of the ocean. Each portion of Source Energy is itself a timeless being that is learning through its creations. As an artist keeps creating art in order to learn about art, you are creating to learn from your creations.

How can a mortal human being be Source Energy?

The body is mortal, but you’re not the body. You are the consciousness that temporarily experiences having a body, mind, emotions, and so on. Death of the body is nothing more than waking up from the dream of physical reality. During a dream you have experiences that seems real, but when you wake up you know them as unreal creations of the mind.

What is the purpose of this dream?

A better word for this dream is simulation. The purpose of the simulation is to experience, learn, and grow. 

Who is the dreamer in that case?

The dreamer is the true self that learns through each incarnation.


Is children of infinity a religion?

No, human consciousness has evolved past religions now. Religions do not serve a useful purpose anymore.

What are the limitations with religions?

Followers of a religion may not realize that there are more than 4300 faiths that exist today, each offering its own belief system. Since evidence based inquiry is not part of religion, there is no provision for validating one belief against another. The followers have to accept the ideas on faith, a core limitation that paves way for degeneration into fundamentalism. Incompatibilities among religious doctrines cause disharmony, conflict, and violence.

Weren’t religions founded by individuals with high consciousness? What went wrong?

Although many religions started out with the mystical insight of an individual, they were quickly taken over by the disharmonious belief in exclusive salvation, which proposes that only one path is right. This doctrine divides humanity into believers and nonbelievers. Believers see nonbelievers as flawed, and consider it their holy duty to convert them using any means necessary, including manipulation, force, and torture. This goes directly against the teaching of love that the founder sought to propagate.

Is it possible to get access to the original teachings of beings such as Jesus?

Fortunately, yes. Jesus’s direct teachings are available through channels such as Gina Lake. A good book to start is – Jesus Trilogy.


How do your teachings align with science?

With the advancement of quantum mechanics, the notion of matter being the fundamental building block of reality has changed. Matter is a manifestation of a deeper underlying reality called the Quantum Field or the Field, and the Field is affected by consciousness, as shown by instruments called Random Event Generators (REG’s). The universe can be better explained as constructed from Consciousness, rather than from matter.

Are there any scientists who offer the same perspective?

Amit Goswami and Fred Alan Wolf have written about this perspective through many books.

What are the observable phenomena that support this model of reality?

There are entire disciplines that point to a reality beyond materialism. These include – Reincarnation research by Stevenson and Tucker from the University of Virginia, Out of body experiences, Near-death experiences, past life regression, channeled material such as from Bashar and the RA material, experiences of yogis such as Paramahansa Yogananda, and higher mystical experiences such as Kundalini awakening.

So the brain does not create consciousness as currently understood by mainstream science?

No, consciousness uses the brain to experience physical reality—in the same way we can use virtual-reality equipment to experience computer-generated reality. From this perspective, known as the Simulation Hypothesis, the universe is a grand simulation, similar to massive multiplayer games that exist on our planet. Each incarnation is a play, with individual consciousness, known as the higher self or the soul, being the player.