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Channel of Divine Guidance

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Twin Channels: Healing & Guidance

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An integrated approach

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Sacred Energies

Use intelligent channels created by Divine Mother to receive healing and guidance from your Higher Self, guides, Angels, Devas, and Divine Mother. You can use the channel whenever you want to receive sacred energies.

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Follow a step-by-step process to understand how the channels works and how to use them most effectively. In addition, you will receive guidance on how to develop practices to support your spiritual growth. 



Receive support and encouragement from like-minded individuals. Research has shown that belonging to a supportive community is the most reliable and fulfilling way to experience transformation.


Suzy B

Divine Mother’s energy has healed my childhood trauma and a lifetime of alcohol abuse. I use the meditation everyday. No other tool is as effective to heal you from within.

Carmen Floris, MEd, LPC, NBCT

I have found the community I have searched all my life! It is such joy to share insights and grow with others. The community by itself is worth more than the course fee.

Marlene Jacques

I have dabbled with Automatic Writing for years, but it was only after Dr. Narayan’s course that I could reliably receive divine guidance. My handwriting is bad, so now I just type it, which is faster too!