Leaders of Light


Our mission is to develop and empower lightworkers dedicated to raising planetary consciousness.

The three pillars of leadership

Leaders of Light is a unique program focused on three pillars of leadership:

  1. Wisdom:  Spiritual leadership requires more than skills. While skills are important, a true leader must possess wisdom, which is required for the work of light. Without wisdom, leaders can not be effective. To cultivate wisdom, we will study the lives of true leaders such as Lincoln and Gandhi, develop critical thinking skills through reflection and group discussion, and apply insights to the initiative to inspire people.

  2. Community: Spiritual leadership is about working with others in the spirit of harmony. Community provides the critical resources of accountability, support, guidance, and fellowship. Further, The impact of work of light increases exponentially with the number of lightworkers. The RA material states this principle as the Law of Squares: The total group energy multiplies with the addition of every single lightworker. In other words, we can exponentially magnify our impact by working together.

  3. Sacred Energies: Earth’s ascension is not merely a human undertaking, but a divine undertaking that is supported from higher dimensions. The feminine aspect of Source Energy, called Divine Mother, is supporting us through this transition. She has created sacred energies that are crucial to cultivating leaders of light. During the calls, you will receive the following energies from Divine Mother:
    1. Cleansing
    2. Healing
    3. Alignment with Soul purpose
    4. Love
    5. Wisdom
    6. Guidance
    7. Gifts

Program Structure

The program consists of seven modules. These modules will be delivered during live calls on the following days:

ModuleDateLeadership skill
1Sep 24Spiritual foundations of leadership
2Oct 8Growth
3Oct 22Communication
4Nov 5Managing your time, money, and attention
5Nov 19Achieving results
6Dec 10Teamwork
7Jan 14Developing people

Program requirements

Leadership is a responsibility. The following commitments are expected from leaders:

  1. Commitment to the mission: Leaders are guided by a higher purpose, rather than what’s comfortable or popular. Being committed requires focus, perseverance, flexibility, and a do-whatever-it-takes mindset.

  2. Commitment to growth:  Lifelong growth is a hallmark of true leadership. Growth requires teachability, self-awareness, intentionality, and daily investment. You are expected to invest both time and money in your growth.

  3. Commitment to teamwork: Teamwork requires setting aside your ego to focus on the team’s goals.