Choosing growth over comfort

The spiritual journey begins with the understanding that we are not bodies, but eternal beings experiencing physical reality for growth. This leads us to the most important question about the human journey – what did we come here to learn?

The lessons we came to learn, known as Soul Lessons, have been a subject of research ever since past life regression (and later in-between life regression) became available to us. This webinar series will present the conclusions in a practical framework that can transform our lives.

The most challenging aspect of physical reality is the risk we associate with choices that are needed for our own growth. By listening to our fears or being held up by inertia, we choose a life that falls short of expressing our full potential.

Join Dr. K Narayan to understand the opportunities for our growth, and strategies to make sure that we stay focused on growth.The workshop will be followed by discussion and Q and A session.

This is a free event organized by Practical Spirituality.