Honoring our body as a temple of the Divine

In most spiritual traditions, the body is relegated to a lower nature. This dualistic approach immediately causes problems because it dishonors the very vessel that is needed to take us to our highest potential as well as spiritual enlightenment. In this workshop will talk about how to honor our body and treat it with care and respect. In particular, we will touch upon the research on nutrition, rest, movement, and sexual expression, along with the spiritual perspective of non-duality that empowers us to honor our physicality instead of rejecting it. To prepare for this workshop, watch this video: https://childrenofinfinity.org/lesson… About the speaker: Dr. K Narayan has a PhD in Quantum Mechanics. His passion is to integrate ideas from both Science and Spirituality to transform our lives. This is a free workshop organized by Children of Infinity. The workshop will be followed by questions and answers.